Ford F-250 Super Duty Aces Frontal Crash Test, Surprises No One

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Add one more thing to the list of “Ford does this better than Chevy and Ram.” Oops, it looks like we’re out of room!

Pickup trucks are known for their capability and versatility. You know, towing the family boat, traversing rough terrain, and transporting the entire family and their groceries without breaking a sweat. Once upon a time trucks weren’t recognized for their safety due to their thin metal bodies and lack of technology. But now, now things are quite different.

This video by CrashNet1 shows us a rudimentary frontal crash test for the 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty. The crash test is shown from numerous angles and in various speeds — we think slow motion is the best. We hate to spoil a good video, but the F-250 performs admirably, being awarded a five-star rating, which is the highest possible rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


The frontal crash test is meant to mimic a scary situation where a vehicle collides head-on with another, or with a stationary object at 35 mph. In this case, the impact wall plays such role. The high-tech test dummies in the Ford simulate an average-size adult male in the driver’s seat, while a “small-size” adult female seats in the front passenger seat.

With cutting-edge safety features, an aluminum body, and a high-strength steel frame, the F-250 is quite literally “built Ford tough.” It’s not just the heavy duty trucks that put an emphasis on safety, as this example of an insane collision where Ford F-150 was sandwiched in between two semi trucks shows us.

While this video only reveals how the truck performs in a frontal crash test, we must add that the pickup truck passed the NHTSA’s other tests – the side barrier, side pole, and rollover resistance test with flying colors. In the end, the Ford F-250 Super Duty was awarded an overall rating of five stars by the agency.

Ford one, the other guys zero.

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