Short Cab Ford F-150 Flies Over Mud

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f150 rc mudding

This week’s Muddy video features a 9th generation Ford F-150 playing in the mud with a couple of ATVs. All that we know about this F-150 is that it is a 1992-1997 model short cab, short bed with a V8 and a light lift to make room for the those big mud tires.

The video begins with the F-150 playing in a small mud hole with a high bank on each side, so when the driver hurries through the mud, the resulting exit pops the nose of the truck off of the ground. He then hits the hole again and again, getting more hang time with each run.

There is then an intermission of sorts where we see two guys on ATVs trying to climb over a pile of rocks and to push through the same mud hole. We can see how much the ATV struggles with the mud hole that was a breeze for the F-150.

Finally, the video ends up by showing the mud-covered F-150 storming from one side of a longer mud hole to the other, each time pushing through the slop without breaking a sweat.

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