Boring Car and Truck Colors Mean Boring Resale Values

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If you’re driving a beige or silver car, nobody is going to pay you any attention on the road, and the same might be said about those types of cars in online for sale listings.

According to a study of 1.6 million three-year-old vehicles by, beige cars take the longest to sell with a reported average time of 55.8 days. Beige and silver cars also lose their value more quickly than bright-colored cars, though gold is the worst at 33.9 percent depreciation.

“Cars in orange, yellow, and to a lesser extent, green, are primarily sports cars and muscle cars,” CEO of iSeeCars.comPhong Ly said in a statement. “Not only do these colors appeal to many of the buyers in these segments, but these cars are driven less, most likely because they are not used as daily drivers.”

Though some might see the bright colors as obnoxious, they actually keep your cars at higher values. According to the study, orange cars depreciated only 21.6 percent, the least of any color, and yellow only depreciated 22 percent.

If you’re not one for standing out, the most common car colors are gray, white, blue and black, and all have average depreciation that is neither great nor bad.


via [iseecars via TTAC]

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