Roushcharger – Intercooled Supercharger Installation in late model F150 trucks – Part Four

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Author: Ken Payne

Next, swap out the spark plugs for the plugs included in the kit. To do
to this you must unplug the eight ignition coils and remove the coil bolts with a 7mm driver.
Prior to installing the new plug apply some anti-seize to them. They are notorious for breaking
off if too much torque is applied when removing them and this will help prevent that.

Next, the new intake manifold is assembled by installing the PCV hose, lubricating the injector pockets and
injector o-rings with motor oil and installing the fuel rail with injectors.

Install the intake manifold gaskets then install and torque down the manifold onto the engine.
The vacuum harness and intercooler hoses are then connected.

Install the supercharger assembly on the intake manifold.

Reinstall the alternator and route the serpentine drive belt. We opted for
a Gatorback belt. These are well known for their grip, lack of slip and (relatively) quiet operation.

Install the lower supercharger drive pulley assembly.

Install the blower pulley. Then install the serpentine belt on it by pulling on the belt tensioner with a pry bar to give it enough slack to slip over.

Install the intercooler degas bottle on the fan shroud.

Reinstall the fan shroud and fan.

The PVC line is installed and then the brake, VMV and supercharger bypass vacuum harness
is installed. Circled is the supercharger bypass vacuum harness.

Install the coolant hoses.

Next is the installation of the mass-air flow sensor in Roush’s air filter assembly and
installation of the assembly in the truck. Then plug the PVC breather tube into the air intake tube.

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