1998 F250LD 5.4L V8 Outlaw Power Intake System Installation

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By Daniel Faulkner

This intake system was installed in a 1998 F250 LD 4X4. The first picture shows the stock set-up with the exception that it has the K&N filter installed

The Outlaw kit arrives with everything you need to upgrade your intake system. The shipping material has been removed and the air filter loosened to better show it.

Installation of the system is very straightforward and begins with the removal of the shroud over the throttle body.

The above picture shows the two vacuum hoses that will need to be removed as well as the hose clamp that holds the intake to the throttle body. The bottom hose has a barb where it goes into the intake. You must remove the barb along with the hose for installation on the Outlaw kit.

This picture clearly shows the bottom hose with the barb and connecting hose.

The instructions say to remove the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor located in the stock tube. I choose to unhook it and remove it after the assembly was out of the truck.

At this point you should be able to open the stock air box and remove the air filter. Once this is done you must push the rubber plug on the bottom of the box into the box. This allows enough room to unplug the MAF sensor.

With the MAF unplugged you can now remove the intake tube along with half of the air box. Remember to remove the IAT sensor and place it in a safe place. Now would also be a good time to clean your MAF sensor while you have access to it. With those items out of the way, firmly grasp the top edge of the remaining half of the air box and pull up and away from the fender. This will finish the removal of the stock system. Your engine bay will know look like this:

Here are all the parts that you have removed and a comparison of the K&N filter alongside the Outlaw filter. The Outlaw filter is a larger and more robust filter.

You are now ready to install the Outlaw Intake System. The instructions say to install the Trim Seal onto the air box. Mine was already installed on my kit.

The next step took a little longer to do but only because it was a bit awkward reaching the bolts. The instructions said to install the bolts from the bottom up and I choose to install them from inside the box down so that it looked like this. I also did not remove the rubber grommets that help hold the stock box in place. Be careful here so that you do not over tighten the hardware and damage the box. The instructions indicated that some may have to move a electrical wire located underneath the box. I didn’t.

With box in place it is time to mate the MAF sensor with the Outlaw filter. Remove the two bolts that hold the MAF on the stock plate and you will be able to separate them. Align the MAF housing with the molding on the filter, insert the supplied gasket and install the four screws. When done it will look like this.

Now you are ready to bolt the air filter in place. Position the filter so the MAF faces the front of the truck and plug it in.

You are now ready to install the tube and the remaining hoses and sensor. Before I did that though I used teflon tape on the brass fitting on the Outlaw tube. The brass fitting is screwed into the tube and it never gets tight since the fitting doesn’t have a thread stop on it. It’s probably a minor deal since once it’s installed there is no way for the fitting to come unscrewed. I didn’t use much tape since I didn’t want to strip out the threads on the tube.

Install the Outlaw Couplers and connect the tube. Installation of the vacuum lines is a little tricky. You need to make sure they are properly routed if you want to put the throttle body cover back on. The red arrows show the mounting location for the cover’s bolt and the vacuum tubes placed between them. Notice the IAT sensor has been installed and the wiring connected to it.

Tighten up your hose clamps and make sure the two electronic sensors are plugged in. I went ahead and started the engine up to check for leaks before I installed the throttle cover. Once that check is complete, install the cover.

You now have a free flowing intake system that will provide better protection for your air filter as well as providing a cold air source instead of it sucking hot air as some after market systems do. It makes your truck sound better at full throttle, providing a satisfying sound that lets you know it’s not stock. Normal driving and idling do not produce any annoying intake honk as some systems do.

I like the Outlaw system! Now I know why I waited on getting a intake system. I was waiting for this one.

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