Restored F-250 with an F-350 Chassis is a Thing of Beauty

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F-250 with New PAint

What looks like a clean F-250 from the 90s is actually rolling on the chassis of newer, tougher Super Duty.

While flipping through the F-250 hashtags on Instagram, we came across the account of Austin Jenkins. He is the owner of this sweet 90s Ford ¾-ton truck shown above, but the truck is actually cooler than you might think. While the body might be a clean example from the 1990s, the undercarriage is much newer.

Ford Tough with Super Duty Stuff

Back in September of 2017, Instagrammer a.jenkins3 shared his new-to-him truck – a ninth-generation Ford F-250, but it wasn’t a stock heavy duty pickup from the mid-to-late 1990s. This 90s Ford truck has the frame, suspension, brakes and wheels from a 2005 F-350, making for one mean-looking old school pickup with modern Super Duty parts.


As you can see in the images here of the truck from when he first got it last year, it was pretty clean, painted gold with the wheels of a newer Super Duty pickup. It also has the chassis of that newer truck and everything between the frame and wheels, including the springs and dampers. It also has some aftermarket upgrades, making this truck even more capable.

After acquiring this unique 90s F-250, the owner added a new set of wheels and swamper tires that extended the rollers way out away from the body, giving the truck an even more unique look. Over the course of the next few months, the owner spent lots of time playing in the woods and on the beach, sharing pictures of his F-250 on an F-350 chassis.

The New Look

Sometime around February of 2018, the owner began modifying his F-205 even further, removing the big towing mirrors and replacing them with smaller modern mirrors. He also removed the key holes and the antenna, filling the holes and creating a cleaner looking truck from every side.

Once the bodywork was done, the owner stripped the truck and switched it from gold to two-tone blue-green and white, finishing off the exterior look with a new set of Weld wheels on all-terrain tires.

New Paint on the F-250

Click here to check out a ton more pictures of this unique Ford F-250.

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