Dentside Ford F-350 ‘Dually’ Find Sparks Fascinating Debate

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We see our fair share of weird and interesting trucks around here. But this oddly put together Ford F-350 takes the proverbial cake.

There aren’t many things we enjoy more than scoping out cool and unusual Ford trucks. But this particular Ford F-350, which Ford Truck Enthusiasts member CelticOne found sitting in a field, is particularly interesting. But perhaps even more interesting are the things we learn about after he posted some pics of the truck up in the forums!

“So today I found this truck about 5 minutes from my place. It has been sitting for a long time (last sticker on the license plate is from 1991!). It appears to be a 1973 (or 74/75?) Ford F-350 Ranger XLT Dually Trailer Special with a 390 (if the engine is still original). Ford Deluxe Topper. Are those fender flares factory? I might have to have a chat with the owner!”

The first thing many users point out is that this Ford F-350 is by no means a factory dually.

“Nice find. Looks like the Camper Special with the 140″ wheelbase,” said PapaBearDuma. “That’s an aftermarket or ‘homemade’ dually, as the front wheels/hubs are not the dually style.”

“Ford F-350 Trailer Specials also had the 140″ wheelbase according to several posts I have read,” added 54Hydro. “Someone probably didn’t want to buy the massive single rear tire and put the duals on instead. Add some factory spacers to the front end and finish the conversion. Dump the lock ring wheels in a scrap bin.”

Ford F-350

And that isn’t the only non-original part that NumberDummy spotted.

“Truck has Race Track moldings that were introduced in 1977. 390s last installed in F100/350s in 1976. Trailer Special fender emblems (below F-350) are either D3TZ-16720-Y (1973) or D4TZ-16720-F (1974/76). 1977/79 Trailer Specials use a different emblem (D6UZ-1142528-A). It’s located at the center lower of the tailgate.

390 emblems (C8OZ-16228-D) are from a 1968/69 Fairlane/Torino. F-350 Regular Cabs on the 140″ wheelbase: 1973/76 Super Camper Special; 1973/79 Trailer Special; 1977/79 Camper Special. Ford dropped “Super” after 1976. The dual rear wheels were not factory installed, neither were the fender flares.

No F-350s with dual rear wheels were available with a pickup bed until 1980! ALL 1953/79 F-350s with dual rear wheels were sold new as a cab & chassis (no ‘back of cab’ equipment) or with factory installed flat & stake beds.”

Ford F-350

All of this prompts the OP to head back and do a little more digging. And what he finds is pretty interesting.

“So I went to have a better look at the truck yesterday and chat with the owner. He has a VW shop. Bought it 2 years ago with the intention of fixing it up but hasn’t got around to it. He bought it with an extra cab (you’ll see why in the pictures) and front clip. Both cabs are A/C.

He offered to sell the entire lot to me for $2,500 (CDN). That may seem like a huge amount for the condition it is in (depending on where you live) but in my mind is only a little high. Probably $1,500 – $2,000. But I don’t have the space, time or money for a project like that. Skill? Debatable. I would certainly learn a LOT.

The box looks to be in pretty good shape. That camper is in VERY good condition with the exception of a cracked rear window. The aluminum intake and Holly carb you see in the pictures do NOT come with it. He has the originals. Spare cab appears to just need some floor work although I wasn’t able to get a look at the cab corners. Neither dash pad is cracked! I want the one out of the spare cab but he wasn’t willing to sell it to me.”

Ford F-350

Thankfully, another member, Ayeobe, chimes in with his intentions to save the Frankentruck Ford F-350!

“I am taking steps to purchase the entire truck for future road use. I’m gonna be raising it from the dead because it’s something of a hobby/bad habit of mine to buy piles of crap. I really love the thing and can’t wait to drive it. Also, thank you guys for being super informative. It really is an interesting truck once you consider all its odd trim/badge combinations.”

So credit our members for another old Ford truck rescue! Be sure and head over here to check out the entire thread, as well as stay tuned for future updates on this super cool Ford F-350 build!

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