Renovated Original 1963 Econoline E10 Pickup

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Arrive like a boss to local car shows and competitions this year driving a chic period-kept renovated original Ford Econoline pickup listed here on BaT. This first-generation two-door Ford Econoline E10 Pickup truck was revolutionary in its era for being one of the first unit-body pickups. Examine this 1963 year model’s straight slab-sided bed connected to the passenger cab, it is seamless and sexy. This must have looked radical in the era and it still does now.

BaT reports its current owner is fourth on a short list who’ve been in possession for the last 11 years. The restoration focused on keeping it a period-piece and was completed by 2010 under this owner reaching an overall estimated cost of $30K. This new looking old-stock Econoline updates include body touch ups, new beige paint throughout, rebuilt powertrain swap, interior restoration, wheels and tires. Over the entire holistic overhaul each specialist who worked or looked at this Econoline found no sign of crashing, impact damage or body repair making this one a supreme find.

Keeping this period-piece was at the heart of this project though the owner wanted an automatic transmission which was of the era just not on this truck. The original drivetrains available were either a 144, 170 or 240 CI straight-six engine with a three-on-the-tree manual though this E10 runs a little different than the others. Now in the centrally-located engine compartment you’ll find a 200CI straight-six and an automatic gearbox cycling revolutions.

There is much more we could talk about but it’s best if you put your bid in now and check over the find details for yourself. Happy bidding and good luck!

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