Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday: 2017 Raptor’s Racing Series Hits the Mark

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If there is anyone more excited for the 2017 Ford Raptor than I am, I would be very surprised. Since I saw the truck roll out onto the stage at Joe Louis Arena more than a year ago, I wanted to get my grubby claws on the steering wheel and jump the first thing I could find. To get ready for the rollout, Ford is taking the new Raptor racing in the Best in the Desert series. What makes this particular race series special is that it is a stock class, meaning the trucks being raced in this series are darn-near what you buy off the showroom floor. That, my friends, is a good thing.


There are tons of different motorsports around the world, but the most popular one for fans and sponsors in the United States is NASCAR. Those “stock cars” are far from it, and are nothing like you’d be able to buy down at your local Ford dealership. There used to be a term, “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday,” that would apply to stock car racing, and whether or not it still holds true, it’s not the same.

Ford returned to sports car racing recently with the Ford GT race car in the World Endurance Championship. We were able to get up close and personal with the new race car, and despite outward appearances, there isn’t very much “production car” in that car. Fundamentally, they share a lot of details, but practically they do not.


Even in the world of rally cars, I have yet to see a rear-wheel drive Ford Fiesta at a dealership I can buy!

So that leads me to the Raptor. We all know the last Raptor was pretty capable off the showroom floor, and with a few modifications easily ran and finished the grueling Dakar race.

But this new racing series is better, because when the new Raptor takes to the dirt, it’ll have some of the fewest modifications ever done to a race truck. Here’s the list of changes made straight from Ford.

  • Race-optimized three-inch-diameter external-bypass front and rear Fox Racing Shox similar to Raptor’s segment-exclusive internal-bypass Fox Racing Shox
  • Race-optimized front and rear springs raise ride height to gain additional ground clearance and provide increased compression rate to handle extreme terrain
  • Custom-fabricated roll cage
  • MasterCraft seats with five-point harness safety belts and window nets
  • LED light bars, racing fuel cell, Lowrance GPS, RacePak digital dash and data logger

And that’s… it.


When the Ford Raptor dominates in this new racing class, it’ll be because of the technology and innovation that is built into the very same Raptor you can go down to the dealership and purchase yourself. Fancy yourself a desert racer? It should be easier than ever with the new 2017 Ford Raptor.

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