RARE 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster for $8,900! No, Really!

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How rare is rare? If this Bronco were a steak, it would still be mooing, er, neighing… You get the picture. A real Ford Bronco Roadster is a seldom seen truck that was only built for three years, 1966 through 1968. Of the 225,000 Bronco built from 1966 to 1977, five-thousand examples were assembled with a VIN starting with U13.

If you think you’ve seen plenty of these soft-topped sixties off-roaders running around, what you more than likely saw was a U14 (half-cab), or U15 (wagon) converted to look like a Roadster. Only about 150 units are thought to still exist.


Aside from the barely-there soft-top, other body parts unique to the Roadster are a fold-flat windshield and U-shaped fiberglass door-jamb inserts. These designs were virtually stolen from the CJ-5 of the same era. But, who cares – really?


This lovely example features a sturdy 170-CID inline-6 and a “three-on-the-tree” transmission. It also has a nice bit of patina, which at this point in time is a popular thing to leave alone. A few things here and there need some work, but it is an overall nice example of U13 Ford Bronco Roadster.


The best part may be the price – only $8,900! If you are in the market for Bronco, snatch this one up ASAP! Do it before Jonathan Ward from ICON4x4 gets his talented hands on it and turns it into something you’ll never be able to afford.

See the Craigslist Ad Here.

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