Photo Gallery: Pat Harvey’s Roadside Collection of Rusty Fords

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When it comes to roadside attractions, there are many; some of them awesome, some of them awful, but most of the unique in their own right. Uniqueness is certainly one of the attributes to this roadside attraction in Florida, where rust plays protagonist.


If you happen to head south on Florida’s highway 319 near Crawfordville and Medart, you’ll ¬†eventually encounter one of the country’s most unique and free roadside attractions. A beautiful collection of Ford trucks, sedans, coupes, and everything in between owned by a gentleman by the name of Pat Harvey. But, there’s one catch, they’re all decaying and rusty beyond repair, and there’s even a sign that says “Rust in Peace.”


There’s no specific reason behind the exhibit, some of the vehicles were used by Harvey’s grandparents and parents, and even some himself. Some others were simply left there to rust.

Enjoy the shots!

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Story & Photos via: [FSUnews]

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