THIS OLD FORD: The Centaur of the Car/Truck World

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The Ford Ranchero was the centaur of the truck world. The Ranchero looked half coupe and half truck. With the Ranchero, Ford melded the two halves to form a wicked combination of comfort-ability and utility.

174641_Front_3-4_WebAlthough built on the automobile assembly line, Ford marketed the Ranchero as a truck so it was an attractive option for those drivers who needed the cargo space of a truck but also wanted the feel of a passenger vehicle.


The first Ford Rancheros were produced in 1957 with a manufacturer’s sticker retail price of $2,301. In that year, the average F-100 was priced at $1,677 while a Ford sedan could run about $2,281 so the price of the Ranchero was an affordable alternative between the two.

Want to take your girl and your tools out for the night? Then the Ranchero was the perfect vehicle for you!


The custom 1957 beauty seen here recently sold for $29,700 at auction.

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