THIS OLD AD 1970 Ford Bronco, Ranchero, Club Wagon and Camper Special

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1970 Ford Truck Ad-01

So many choices – so much time to have some fun. At least in these old ads there was. Back in 1970, there certainly were plenty of excellent choices for buyers to find a second Ford to own.

You could “go where no roads go” in a rugged Bronco or choose a wood paneled, Ranchero Squire, which was sold as a “hard-working pickup with fine-car luxury.”

Got kids? Pack the troop in a Club Wagon which seated up to a dozen people. Better yet, you could “own your own motel” in a Ford Camper Special. The truck was designed to handle camper bodies up to 14 feet long with living quarters for six.

All of these vehicles were available with six or V8 power and the Ranchero had seven options to choose from including the 429 Cobra Jet V8. Power steering and air-conditioning were options on the camper. Good times.

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Photos courtesy of Old Car Advertisements.

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