F-150 Owners Sued for Parking in Their Own Driveway!

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Homeowners associations suck! They pretty much suck everywhere with all of their stupid rules and regulations such as “all houses must be painted beige” and whatnot.

But they really, truly suck, especially if you happen to live in upstate New York where these poor Ford F-150 owners can’t even park in their own driveway!

Syracuse.com reports that the Kimry Moor Homeowners’ Association has filed a lawsuit to bar David and Arna Orlando of Manlius, New York from parking their 2014 black Ford F-150 in their driveway.


How crazy is that? The “ass-ociation” says only automobiles and passenger vehicles are allowed to be parked in the driveways in front of the homes. It’s ridiculous!

The case has been filed with the Onondaga County Supreme Court, which is a complete waste of time and taxpayer’s money.

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