Nissan Thanks Ford for Leading the Way with New Television Spot

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Nissan Thanks Ford

In what might be the ballsiest new truck introduction I’ve ever seen, Nissan has taken to the television airwaves with a new commercial to talk about the Titan XD pickup truck. Their approach? Thanking the Big 3, including Ford, for leading the way in truck design and innovation. Huh?

Not only does Nissan thank Ford, but they hit us right in the feels with their commercial about giants and heroes in our lives. Thanks to the work that companies like Ford have done, Nissan knows what truck buyers want, and they’ve developed the truck to deliver.

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I had a chance to have an impromptu discussion with Nissan’s Fred Diaz earlier this year, and we talked about how the advertising and marketing were going to be key to this truck’s success. He was visibly excited and wanted to tell me what they were working on, but couldn’t. If this is any indication, I’m genuinely impressed.


Like the truck or not, you have to give Nissan credit for not crapping on the competition, but acknowledging the truck landscape while also hitting us right in the feels. Bravo, Nissan.

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