MUDFEST Modified Ford F Series Fails Over and Over

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short ford mud

This week’s Mudfest video reminds us that not every custom mud truck proves to be unstoppable, as this short wheelbase Ford F Series pickup looks like a mud monster – but it seldom seems to make it from one side of the pit to the other.

I don’t have any backstory on this Ford F Series pickup, so I’m not sure what type of Ford truck this is – whether it is an F-150 or larger – or if it is even a full size chassis and not some other odd creation. In any case, this Ford truck has a much shorter wheelbase than your average half ton pickup along with a suspension setup that allows the huge mud tires to fit comfortably.

To look at this Ford truck, you might expect it to be a real best in the mud, as it has to be fairly light, but you would be wrong. During the course of this video, the little Ford gets stuck every time he hits a major mud pit, but it still gets plenty muddy and that is what Monday is all about!

Crank up your speaker and enjoy!


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