MUDFEST Fordzilla Excursion Storms Thru Everything

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fordzilla excursion

This week’s Mudfest video features a Ford Excursion that has been massively modified for extreme off-roading action and it has been appropriately named Fordzilla.

In addition to the huge, lifted suspension system and the massive mud tires, this Excursion packs a worked V10 engine that produces enough power to allow this big beast to blast through almost any driving situation.


This video begins by showing the Fordzilla Excursion racing along what appears to be a wondering stream, but rather than following the flow of the water, this monster SUV just storms straight ahead – blasting from water to land and back into water. The jacked up Excursion also shows off the suspension travel on the edge of an uneven trail and in a marshy area.

As sport utility vehicles go, the Ford Excursion doesn’t get much credit, but this big Excursion is one of the nastiest I’ve seen. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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