Bigfoot is Real and It’ll Appear at the Atlanta Motorama…with Its Offspring

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“Bigfoot” is such a legend that it has two identities: the creature that wanders the wilderness and comes out blurry in photographs, and the iconic monster truck.

The automotive version was created by off-roader and construction professional Bob Chandler in the 1970s. He needed quality replacement parts for his 1974 Ford F-250, so he opened his own shop, Midwest Four-Wheel-Drive and Performance Center, in 1975. Chandler installed a 460-cubic-inch V8, military-grade axles, four-wheel steering, and 48-inch tires on his truck to create a vehicle that would show off the parts and craftsmanship his business offered at car shows, tractor pulls, and mud runs.


Oddly enough, it was Chandler who was originally known as Bigfoot because he liked flattening the right pedal and pushing his vehicles to their limits. His company’s promotional truck grew in size and capabilities, eventually becoming known as Bigfoot, too. Chandler and his creation made their first paid public appearance at a Denver car show in 1979.


Since then, there have been 20 other Bigfoots. Twelve of the beasts, including the first one and the fifth one with its 10-feet-tall tires, will appear at the Atlanta Motorama April 18-19.

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