Ford Ranger Proves Who’s Mud-Bog Master (Video)

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Wicked Ford Ranger Gets Stuck at First but Ends Up Dominating Mud Bog

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a heavily Ford Ranger playing in some serious slop at Jeffery’s Mud Bog in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The clip was posted on YouTube, and this high-riding Ford Ranger is reportedly owned by a guy named David, and in addition to the monster mud tires and the big suspension setup, this small pickup is packing V8 power.


The video begins with the Ford Ranger already in action, although the action comes to a halt in a big hurry. As the Ranger swings around a Jeep Wrangler that is buried up to the body in the sloppy mud, the Ford gets stuck in the same thick, deep muck. The driver spends the next two minutes trying to dig himself out, trying different wheel angles and various levels of V8 power as a big Ford pickup works on removing the Jeep.

Unfortunately, the Ford cannot free itself, so once the Wrangler is out of the way, a tractor comes in to pull the Ranger backwards out of the mud. As we watch the Ranger get pulled out, we can see just how far he made it before getting stuck in the thick mud.


After that unfortunate start, the video jumps to a different area of the mud bog, where the jacked up V8 Ranger makes short work of a different section of the hole. That must have built the confidence of the driver, as he went back to the original area where he got stuck – first clearing the deep mud going away from the camera, then coming back at it from the same angle as the start of the video. This time, the Ranger gets stuck for a second, but the driver is able to maneuver the truck up onto dry land.


The clip ends with a head-on angle of the V8 Ford Ranger once again charging through the mud bog and throughout the video, the V8 engine adds a great soundtrack, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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