Throwback Thursday: Ranger Makes a Bigger Splash

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Flareside Ranger was so Popular in 1993 that it got a Little Bigger in 1994

The Ford Ranger Splash was introduced in 1993 with a flareside bed design that was new to the compact pickup segment as a sporty alternative to the “normal” Ranger. The Splash package for 1993 was offered only as a regular cab with the standard flareside bed, unique polished 15-inch aluminum wheels and the Splash graphics on the bedside and on the tailgate. The Ranger Splash also included unique suspension components, lowering the rear end by one inch in the back and, on 4×2 versions, the front end was lowered by two inches. Even in 4×4 trim, the Ranger Splash was a popular option with buyers who wanted a sporty little pickup.

For the 1994 model year, Ford expanded the option list for the Ranger Splash, adding the extended cab option to the lineup . This week’s “Throwback Thursday” looks at the commercial introduction of the 1994 Ford Ranger Splash.

The extended-cab Ranger Splash had all of the same basic features as the 1993 Splash regular cab. So, for the commercial, Ford had to find some way to fill 30 seconds of airtime without any new details to discuss. They did this by showing both forms of the ’94 Ranger Splash driving back and forth through a waterfall, while tossing in a handful of clips showing young, pretty people having fun in the water – just like the Ranger.

With the news that the Ford Ranger will return to the U.S. lineup in the next few years, perhaps we will see a new Ford Ranger Splash. But until that happens, we can enjoy this classic ’90s Ford pickup commercial.

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