Marvel’s Ant-Man with a Ford Van Rents for $350 a Day

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Need a man with a van? How about an Ant-Man with a Ford cargo van? Actor Paul Rudd stars as an Ant-Man with a van in the latest superhero flick from Marvel. And you know what? It’s was way more entertaining than the latest Avengers superhero movie to hit the big screen.


Michael Douglas plays the original Ant-Man in it, but the real star of Ant-Man was a brown, tan and gold 1972 Ford Econoline cargo van driven by Rudd’s sidekick, played by actor Michael Pena, who also steals the show.


The film has made decent summer box office totals and a sequel may eventually be in the works. The classic Ford van has a vintage wood interior and an automatic transmission that “runs and drives good” according to Cinema Vehicle Services of North Hollywood, California.


You can rent the Ant-Man van with a “La Cucaracha” horn for only $350 a day. The catch is you really can’t drive it anywhere and the company will be happy to deliver it to you for a fee.


Let’s hope the producers of Ant-Man 2 keep the classic Ford as Ant-Man’s vehicle a choice. A Ford Transit or crossover vehicle wouldn’t have the same cool factor as a vintage E-series van for us.


Check out Ant-Man’s van in the gallery below.

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