The Subtle Messaging Inside the 2015 F-150’s Badge

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When you have a product as successful as the Ford F-150, you don’t leave anything about its next generation to chance.  Not even the badge.

The Blue Oval went so far as to create a new font for the best-seller’s name tag: Bold Leadership.  Speaking of that, the bigger “F” signifies “F-Series as the truck leader” and is purposely left open in the middle to mirror the rig’s lighter weight and increased efficiency.  That latter trait is also pointed to by the intentional deletion of the hyphen between the alphabetical and numerical characters.

Additionally, space has been left under the badge for the trim plate (such as that representing the King Ranch package in the picture above).  No matter how the new truck  is dressed, the beveled edges applied to the “F 150” script will match the design cues of the hauler’s hood, grille and interior.

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