A Helicopter? Yep, the Super Duty Can Tow That

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It’s time to take care of the lawn.  Mower?  Check.  Weed eater?  Check.  Helicopter?

Wait, wait, wait.  Helicopter?!

Yep.  That’s one thing Lohman Helicopter has on its list of things needed for its form of “lawn care”—timber management and aerial crop-spraying.  But a chopper can’t go everywhere.  Sometimes it needs a  lift its rotors are unable to provide, and a Ford Super Duty ticks that box for Lohman.

Owner and Chief Pilot Morgan Lohman uses Blue Oval diesel pickups—including the F-250, 350 and 450—to tow helicopters, water tanks and fuel trailers to job sites.  In the case of the video below, the site is Idaho’s Craig Mountain wildlife refuge, and the job is weed control on a massive scale. Watch the video to take a look at some of the company’s big red rigs and the trick trailer the guys use to haul the choppers to job sites.

(For some reason, the clip makes me want to build this.)

photos [Ford]

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