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Ken Block, a.k.a Mr. Hoonigan, is known worldwide for his drifting videos and tire-shredding habits, but even people like him have to eventually grow up and succumb to the practical family van.

Ok, this isn’t a minivan and neither is it average—but it is practical! Ken Block and tuning-shop and rally racing team, M-Sport, have recently unveiled the murdered-out Ken Block Signature Ford Transit Van.

As a Ford ambassador, Ken Block is well aware of the sky-rocketing sales success of the Transit Van, and considering his team and staff are often traveling in Transits and using them for production vehicles, he must’ve thought, why not deck one out?

This special signature edition van features an enhanced and lowered suspension setup as well as lightweight wheels, and the cosmetic appearance from Block’s Ford Fiesta WRC race car. Inside not a whole lot changes, but all upholstery is replaced with black leather interior and several upgrades across the cabin. Personally, I think it’s massively cool!

“I’m really stoked with how this collaboration turned out,” said Block. “I always thought that maybe someday I’d have a signature Ford vehicle, but I never thought that it’d be a van! Ha! I really like this thing though, it’s super practical for me since I have a wife and three kids and we travel a ton. This Ford Transit has the look and styling that I like, is fun to drive and manages to hold us and all of our stuff.”


Sadly, and I really mean, s-a-d-l-y, there aren’t plans of bringing this special edition to the United States, but it will be available throughout Europe. Pricing and other details aren’t available at this time.

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Photos via: [Hoonigan Racing]

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