Climb Inside Justin Lofton’s Mint 400 Ford Raptor (Video)

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Ford Mint 400

See What It Takes to Compete in One of the World’s Most Grueling Off-Road Races: the Mint 400!

The Mint 400 isn’t dubbed “The Great American Off-Road Race” for no reason. It’s one of the most grueling and savage races in the world, and it brings the best-of-the-best when it comes to drivers and machinery.


As you may have guessed by the name, the race spans across 400 miles of pure off-road torture. Several classes ranging from entry-level buggies to million dollar race prepared trucks compete for bragging rights.

One of those highly advanced trucks belongs to expert driver Justin Lofton, who is featured in this cool video by the The Mint 400 YouTube channel.

Justin races in the “Unlimited trick” truck class, and his race-ready Ford Raptor trophy truck surely live up to its name. There seems to be “unlimited tricks” in that truck, if you know what I mean. The high-performance truck may sport a Ford Raptor body, but it’s a far cry from anything road legal. Some of these engines can feature upwards of 700 horsepower, and have enough suspension travel and flex to eat boulders for breakfast.

Justin has been off-road racing his entire life, given his upbringing near the desert in Arizona. He began racing motorcycles, and eventually graduated to the bigger series. Justin won the Mint 400 overall in 2015, mea1ning he had proven himself to the best-of-the-best in the business. Now it’s time for a showdown.

See what it takes to compete in the Mint 400, and how drivers like Justin have spent their entire lives preparing for such prestigious race. Like all motorsports, success isn’t guaranteed, but pain, sweat, and lots of effort surely are.

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