Corvette Bummer: Ford Truck Crushes ‘Vette

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City-Owned Truck Gives ‘Vette Owner the Scare of His Life in Atlanta


Quintessential sports cars, Corvettes sit quite low to the ground. And the ‘Vette’s wedge shape kinda makes it look like a ramp of sorts. Maybe that’s what the driver of this city-owned Ford truck was thinking in Atlanta this week. Or maybe he simply didn’t see the low-slung fiberglass car. But whatever the reason, the big yellow SuperDuty wound up on top of the fifth gen Corvette.

Thankfully, of course, the driver was just fine, other than probably needing to change his shorts. So we can marvel at the pictures of the aftermath, courtesy of WSB-TV’s Linda Stouffer, who posted them on Twitter. Stouffer also spoke to the unlucky Corvette driver, who said he felt the truck roll on top of his convertible!

The driver was able to walk away from the carnage, but it looks like the Corvette wasn’t so lucky. The rear of the car is quite literally a pile of scrap. Maybe the owner can just cut it in half and make a nice wall-couch out of the Corvette’s front half.

Of course, we initially thought the scene looked familiar. It’s like the cover of Aerosmith’s 1989 album Pump, but with sportier vehicles.

This incident is a great reminder that even though we love our fast cars, they don’t provide much protection when you’re jockeying with giant trucks on the roads. It doesn’t take much to turn them into a pile of parts, but at least in this case no one was harmed.

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