June 29, 1999 – Two power brands create sales success: Ford salutes production of millionth Eddie Bauer

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Two power brands create sales
success: Ford salutes production of millionth Eddie Bauer

ST. LOUIS, June 29,
1999 – Two of America’s most enduring brands reached a milestone
today in their 17-year collaboration as Ford and Eddie Bauer
celebrated production of the one millionth Eddie Bauer edition Ford
vehicle at the St. Louis Assembly Plant, home of the Ford Explorer
sport utility.

Driving the long-running success of the Eddie Bauer editions of Ford
Explorer and Expedition sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) is their
powerful image as vehicles that encompass both rugged capability and
luxurious design. The combination of these two power brands _ Ford
and Eddie Bauer _ is viewed as a “natural fit” by both companies.

<"It's almost uncanny how well-matched Ford and Eddie Bauer are," says Ford Division Marketing Communications Manager Jan Klug. "Both companies have reputations built on an uncompromising commitment to quality, durability and customer satisfaction. For our customers, this means the irresistible combination of Ford's `go anywhere' capability and Eddie Bauer's rugged style. For both companies, it means enhancing each other's brand."

The Eddie Bauer edition is the result of Ford’s philosophy to
produce and market a vehicle with features defined by the customer.
Eddie Bauer edition customers want a vehicle that is inspired by the
great outdoors while also reflecting their casual, versatile
lifestyles. They want a vehicle that can take them anywhere they
want to go, in style _ whether it’s a weekend of backpacking or an
evening at the ballet.

“Eddie Bauer is proud to have partnered with Ford for the past 17
years,” said Don Perinchief, Eddie Bauer divisional vice president,
licensing and new businesses. “The success of this partnership
demonstrates the commitment both companies have to their customers
and the quality of their products.”

Currently featured as a premium trim level for both Ford Explorer
and Ford Expedition, the price range for the Ford Explorer Eddie
Bauer edition is approximately $32,080 to $36,950. The price range
for the Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition is approximately $35,960
to $42,290. Eddie Bauer edition models are equipped with unique
luxury features such as distinctive prairie tan accent color
treatments, privacy glass, cast aluminum wheels and leather-trimmed

The relationship between Ford and Eddie Bauer, the 79-year-old
Seattle-based manufacturer of durable outdoor clothing and gear, was
forged in 1983. Since then, the Eddie Bauer name has appeared on
the Ford Bronco II, Bronco, Aerostar minivan and F-Series, as well
as the Explorer and Expedition.

In 1990, fewer than 925,000 SUVs were sold in the United States.
Approximately 42,475 of the SUVs sold in 1990 were Ford vehicles
with the Eddie Bauer option package. In 1998, total SUV sales
jumped to more than 2.75 million, with Ford Explorer and Expedition
sales driving the growth. Explorer and Expedition sales combined
totaled 657,191 in 1998, of which 147,503 were Eddie Bauer edition

During the first five months of 1999, sales of Ford Explorer and
Expedition have climbed to 205,407, with Eddie Bauer edition
vehicles accounting for 59,107 of those units. In 1999 alone, Ford
expects to sell more than 145,000 Explorer and Expedition SUVs with
the Eddie Bauer edition trim level.

“It’s no secret why Ford is setting industry records for SUV sales
in a U.S. market that currently has 41 SUV nameplates,” says
Explorer Brand Manager Doug Scott. “We are creating products that
really excite the customer. And in partnering with Eddie Bauer, we
are expanding the opportunities for the Explorer and Expedition to
be a meaningful part of our customer’s active lifestyles.”

This strategy has kept Ford dealers happy. “The Explorer and
Expedition have simply captured American consumers’ imagination as
well as their loyalty,” says Bert Boeckmann, owner of Galpin Ford in
North Hills, Calif., the nation’s No. 1 Explorer dealer. “And I’m
very happy with the Eddie Bauer edition enhancing that loyalty.”

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