HUMP DAY JUMP Watch This 1992 Ford F-150 Soar

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FTE Jump

Sometimes it seems like Ford trucks were meant for jumping rather than driving, pulling, and hauling. They just seem to be so good at it, even when they are in stock form. We’ve seen parts trucks refuse to die when being brutally jumped, and the countless Ford Ranger that can take anything! This time we get to see a 1993 four door F-150 soar, which seems fitting.

We tend to focus on the highest jumps when we show all of you a video, which certainly isn’t bad! However, today’s video consists of this F-150 performing a long jump rather than a tall one, and it is quite impressive. The driver and the truck seem to take it in a stride as they continue to bounce along after the initial leap, which was certainly decent and wonderful.

Overall, this jump is quite fun to watch, though we don’t encourage just taking your F-150 out for the daily jump, either! These guys equipped their ride with Fox¬†shocks, though they don’t mention anything else that they have done to their ride.

What are you waiting for? Check out the video below and enjoy watching this F-150 soar!

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