HUMP DAY JUMP Ranger Jumps Snowbank, Lands Hard

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FTE Jump

We’ll admit that it’s a bit late in the season to be talking about snowy weather and mounds of the white slush pushed into rather delightful heaps, but we’re going to do it anyway.

After all, the season did drag on for quite a while in many areas of the United States. Still, the real reason we’re showing you this video today is simply because it’s fun, and we’ll sure you’ll enjoy it despite the approaching heat!


The video shows a Ford Ranger driving over one snowbank, and then awkwardly “jumping” (or, rather, “tumbling”) over the second snowbank as he attempts to have some fun. The landing looks pretty jarring, and for once we’re quite glad not to be in the driver’s seat! A good piece of advice if you’re attempting a jump: Going too slow is bad too!

We’re not sure if any actual damage was done to the rig in the process, but we honestly wouldn’t be surprised. Though we’re sure if continued to run and keep on chugging. It is a Ford — so it must be Built Ford Tough!

Watch the video below and watch this Ranger attempt to jump the snow!

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