TRUCKIN’ FAST Lightning F-150 Beats a Silverado Down the Half Mile

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half mile lightning chevy

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a Ford SVT Lightning F-150 taking on a Chevrolet Silverado on a half mile long dragstrip. There is no information on either of these trucks, but we know that the F-150 is packing a supercharged 5.4L engine and based on how well the Silverado gets away from the starting line against the blown Ford – I would guess that the Chevy has some work done to keep up with the SVT pickup.

When the race first begins, the Chevy jumps out to a surprising early lead. However, as the F-150 and Silverado both roar past the cameraman, we can see that the Lightning has closed the gap and is slowly evening up with the other truck. As the two continue down the track, the F-150 continues to walk away from the Chevy and while it is tough to see, if you watch the very end of the race where they hit the timing devices, the Ford is ahead by a significant margin.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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