HUMP DAY JUMP F-250 Leaps at Glamis Dunes!

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The F-250 isn’t really a truck that is meant to be jumped. It’s made more to haul and pull rather than to soar through clear blue skies. It’d even be better at mudding or climbing than jumping.

Even so, these guys took their 2009 F-250 out to Glamis Dunes in California to jump it and have a good time. As one may expect, they got carried away with the fun enjoyment of jumping the massive rig and managed to take it home with some significant damage.

I’ll admit –¬†watching them take flight in the F-250 is pretty fun. They nearly manage the flip the rig at one point and, if you can look past the terrible soundtrack, they actually get some surprising air in the massive truck.

Maybe it’s not as light as the Ranger or the Explorer, or as versatile as the F-150, but, apparently, the F-250¬†can actually jump — at least a little bit.

Check out the video below and watch the F-250 doing what it was really never meant to do. Even so, it’s impressive to see it fly the way it does!

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