HUMP DAY JUMP F-150 Jumps Big, Hits Branches

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FTE Jump

Canadians have all the fun, don’t they? With all of the open world as their playground, there are simply more areas in which to enjoy a 4X4 Ford on off-road terrain. I guess we could call it “Canada envy,” though there isn’t anything wrong with the good ol’ USA.

Yet, this video takes place in Alberta, and it looks like a ton of fun. Well, if you can ignore the obnoxious cinematic presentation and rather annoying music. We apologize for that ahead of time.

Still, this is definitely a video worth watching. The F-150 in question is, to be more specific, a 1996 F-150 with 302 cubic inch motor and a five speed manual transmission. In addition, the rig has a 6” suspension lift and 37” tires.

The truck itself is first seen simply off-roading, but it doesn’t take long before we see its impressive leap! It gets some solid air, only to go plowing into some branches and a tree trunk. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to be a hard hit, so we’ll assume that the Ford only sustained some paint chips. And who doesn’t want battle scars on their rig?

Watch the video below and enjoy watching this ‘96 F-150 “fly away!”

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