FLASHBACK Ford vs. Chevy Tug of War Ends in a Lopsided Victory

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I have to admit I titled this post incorrectly. The term “tug of war” implies some sort of struggle between two opponents, some sort of contest in which the two rivals are evenly matched.

The fact that Fords and Chevrolets are often compared to each other implies that they’re worthy competitors to one another. That’s definitely not the case in the following video, which shows a Big Block Ford F-350 absolutely dominating a built 454 Chevy.

The only war that takes place is the one between the bow tie truck’s tires and the pavement. The rubber fights for grip, but the blacktop can see the eventual winner of the pickup battle and sides with the Ford. The black Dearborn destroyer hauls the Chevrolet off to what I can only assume is a POW camp in which it changes its allegiance.

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