Hump Day Jump: See This Awesome Bronco Jump and Its Not-So-Awesome Counterpart

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Ford Bronco Jump

This video is truly spectacular – and wonderfully unique. We start off watching  a massive Bronco roar forward toward a step jump. He nails it perfectly, and comes down on sturdy suspension and rolls away with the thrill in his eyes and a smile on his face – or, I assume he would.

As we sit back and still can’t help but admire the pleasantness of the skillful jump and contemplate how we might be able to replicate it in an intricate and even better fashion, the camera turns back  to the stretch before the jump and… what is that? A hearty little Volkswagen bus squeaks forward to attempt the jump.

Now, of course the little Volkswagen was no match for the rough n’ tough Bronco, but it sure was a fantastic accent that really brought out the sparkle in the Bronco’s paint and the power in its jump. And I’m sure it reminds all of the marvelous Ford trucks enthusiasts out there of just why they love Fords… not Volkswagens.

So take a minute to smile, laugh, and shake your head at this rather interesting video. Don’t think to hard about exactly why the Volkswagen was there, or why it tried to jump something it really just couldn’t. Just smile and be proud that you support Ford one-hundred percent.

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