Jay Leno’s First Ride – A 1934 Ford Pickup

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Who knew?  Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s first ride was a truck. And not just any truck,  a 1934 Ford pickup that he bought for $350!

The comedian collector opened his incredible garage to the Los Angeles Times earlier this week. Since retiring from his late night gig, he currently chooses between 130 cars and 93 motorcycles to drive from his enormous collection.

Leno’s classic truck looked similar to forum member Bob Hare’s ride (pictured above) except instead of a baby blue paint job, Leno painted his burgundy maroon.

Jay Leno's Garage

According to the newspaper, the latest addition to Leno’s killer collection is a yellow 903-horsepower McLaren P1 supercar, seen above with a few vintage rides in the back of his immaculate garage.

But the most interesting bit in the story recalled his first ride, a 1934 Ford which he bought back in 1964. He was only 14 at the time and the truck needed a lot of TLC. A L-O-T.

“Of course it didn’t run — why did you think my father let me buy it?” Leno joked.


Leno spent the next two years working on it and eventually got his first driver’s license so he could drive his classic legally.

Forum members can appreciate his dedication, especially after seeing rides like the 1934 Ford pickup (seen above) which was posted by Ed Riley.

While the funnyman owns a number of Fords, he currently doesn’t have a 1934 in his collection. But who knows, maybe he can add yours to his garage someday.


Would you be willing to sell your vintage pickup to Jay Leno? Discuss it in the forum  >>


Photos courtesy of  Ford Truck Enthusiasts Bob Hare, Ed Riley and Jay Leno’s Garage

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