BUILDUP A Facelifted 1948 F1 Restoration Project

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Though for some it is hard to fathom, things were quite good in the United States after World War II. People were happy, the economy was flourishing, and the American way of life was restored.

Naturally, that meant that people were working steadily and finding peace in their jobs. Well, except for maybe one thing. We’re not sure exactly what Ford responded to, but maybe it was a basic call for better pickup trucks to get the work done. That’s what we’ll assume — and it worked quite well.


It was in 1948 that the first F-series Ford truck was introduced, and it has obviously done extremely well. FTE member 48/51F1 has picked up a 1948 F1 that is absolutely full of potential.

It was originally painted red and came with a Flathead 6, a four speed automatic transmission, and a Dana 41 rear end. However, this rig didn’t have the motor or the front end when he purchased it.


The original plan was to simply restore the classic beauty, though that has changed a bit. After going through the trouble of purchasing an original engine on Ebay, 48/51F1 is currently building up a 302 cubic inch motor from 1969.

The majority of what has been done so far is metal work, but that is to be expected from a rig that’s 67 years old! Go check out 48/51F1’s build thread and show your support!


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