High-Speed Police Chase of Ford Truck Ends in Shootout

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Whether It’s a Bronco or an F-Series Pickup, It Seems Like Ford Trucks Have a Thing for Police Encounters

Whether you’re young or old, you know about the famous white Ford Bronco. You know that O.J. Simpson was driving it, and you also know that it was that particular event that made high-speed police chases popular. Before that, car chases happened, but they weren’t covered all that much.

Fast forward to 2017 and police officers are equipped with body cams and dash cams, and news stations deploy helicopters for news-coverage at the first rumor of a high-speed police chase. As a result, we often get to see several angles of these somewhat disturbing events.

This video comes courtesy of the Car Chase YouTube channel, and although the quality isn’t great, it features a crazy chase nonetheless. According to the timestamp on the video, this footage dates back to 2010, and features a high-speed police chase of a Ford F-Series pickup truck in the state of Ohio.

At first we can see the officer chase the Ford truck through rural roads and into city streets. About 40 seconds in, the truck pulls into a more residential area, but the chasing police officer has different plans in mind. To keep the truck driver from endangering more innocent people, he proceeds to use his cruiser to flip the truck around and force the driver to stop.

What happens next is crazy! The driver of the truck was heavily armed and not afraid to fire upon anyone that got in his way. Check out the video and see the action for yourself!

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