Odd News: Head-On Collision Sends Ford Truck up a Pole

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With election season over, you probably figured you were done with news stories about people caught in compromising positions. Well, not so much. Just this past Sunday, two hours from Washington, DC, in Great Mills, Maryland, a Ford truck found itself in a very compromising position indeed.


According to, Southern Maryland News, a Ford Fusion collided head-on with an old lifted Ford pickup truck at an intersection, sending it backwards until it balanced on a guide wire for a utility pole. Unfortunately, three people were sent to the hospital with injuries.

Despite its precarious perch on the wire, the truck looks like it fared pretty well overall – much better than the car, at least – but frame damage is clear when you take a closer look at the photos.


Still, the truck looks like it could be driven away if necessary, and it looks like the weight of the truck actually caused the pole to lean towards the intersection. Built Ford tough indeed.


Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident, and at this time there are no details about the condition of the injured parties, or which vehicle they were in, although it’s clear from photos that airbags deployed in the Fusion.

It’s also fair to praise the Fusion, as colliding head on with a truck that tall is no joke. The Fusion’s crumple zones and other safety technology seems to have performed as expected.

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Photos via: [Southern Maryland News]

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