Cheer in Excitement as a Ford F-250 Rescues an H1 Hummer!

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Oh Hummer owners, you truly will never learn, will you? Just because you drive a big yellow box, it doesn’t mean you’re invincible. While the H1 Hummer is a truly capable off-roader, it still requires a capable driver to steer it in the right direction. Thankfully, this wasn’t an H2 Hummer, because you truly would never hear the end of it!

I have to admit, this awesome video by, SDahveed, started out a bit slow, as the action doesn’t really start until the 0:45 mark, but it didn’t take long for it to have me cheering like a wild chimpanzee high on banana purée. There’s something about a single cab Super Duty turbo diesel pulling a big and mighty H1 Hummer out of a mud hole that simply got me going! The excitement escalates as you can see the Hummer getting closer and closer to freedom, only for the F-250 to have to back up and try again.

In the end, it wasn’t easy, but there’s nothing too tough for a Ford truck. After all, these are the same trucks that have rescued semi trucks from treacherous conditions. Watch in amazement and holler like a wild ape as you see this F-250 rescue a worthy off-roader!

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