Fowl Play: Ford F-150 Almost Taken Out by Renegade Turkey

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Jive turkey! Turns out that the big birds can do a lot more damage than just making you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner.

As any good driver knows, there are seemingly endless ways to ruin your precious truck out on our nation’s roads. Giant potholes, other drivers, flying rocks, and overly hyper deer are just a few things we do our best to avoid on a daily basis. But, as it turns out, there is yet another danger lurking out there on the roads, just waiting to smash up our precious Ford F-150 pickups – the lowly turkey.

Yes, everyone’s favorite once-a-year meat poses dangers far beyond making you sleepy after you eat it. According to Click on Detroit, one Michigan man found this out the hard way recently when some jive turkey smashed through his windshield in a flurry of feathers. As some already know, turkeys can do some serious damage to any vehicle. But thankfully, this particular incident just resulted in a smashed windshield and minor “facial injuries” for the driver. The turkey, as you might imagine, didn’t fare quite so well.

Ford F-150

Dutton Fire Department in Gaines Township responded to the incident, and posted pictures of the aftermath on their Facebook page. Along with a dire warning, of course. With turkey season in full swing here in Michigan, turkeys are on the move. And if you happen to think you can just run one over, think again. When they’re about to get hit, turkeys tend to take flight, putting them right at eye level. Which is exactly what happened to this Ford F-150 driver.

So maybe you’ve gotten pretty good at dodging deer in the morning. But perhaps it’s time to keep your eyes a little lower, too. Call it Thanksgiving revenge or just plain bad luck, but you don’t want to cross one of these big birds on your next trip down the interstate.

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