Ford Claims Top Spots in Top 10 Highest Towing Capacity

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Leading the way at #1 is the F-450 Super Duty with a towing capacity of 32,500 pounds.

One of the biggest reasons to own a truck is the towing capacity. Whether it’s towing equipment for your job, or just pulling the family boat on your way to the lake, truck owners love being able to tow whatever they want. A recent report ranked all trucks based on their towing capacity, and to no one’s surprise around here, Ford has four trucks on the top 10 list, besting every other truck manufacturer.


While most of the spots are reserved for the heavy duty pickups, Ford is the only truck maker to actually have their smallest pick-up on the list. The Ford F-150 comes in at #10 with a very capable 12,200-pound towing capacity with their factory towing package. The F-250 Super Duty and F-350 Super Duty both have strong showings with their 18,000 pound towing capacities.


Coming in at #1 and beating all other trucks on the list, is the F-450 Super Duty with its truly impressive 32,500 pound towing capacity. With the optional 6.7L Power Stroke turbo-diesel V8, you’d be hard-pressed to find something this truck can’t tow. The F-450 Super Duty beats out the Ram 3500 by almost 1,300 lbs. The next closest truck doesn’t even contend with these big boys, as the Silverado 3500HD is the largest, most powerful truck from Chevy but it only has a towing capacity of 23,300 lbs. That is almost a five ton difference between the Silverado and the F-450.

As the Cheatsheet points out on their report: “If you need to tow anything heavier, you might as well buy a semi truck.”

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