Ford Trucks’ Key Advantages Deliver Once Again in June

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Segment-exclusive features, and a wide range of trims helped Ford trucks and SUVs deliver positive sales figures in June.

The outgoing month of June wasn’t pretty for the Ford Motor Company. According to a press release, overall sales were down 5.1 percent, courtesy of lower-than-expected retail and fleet sales. Thankfully, and much like it’s been the case for several months, Ford trucks and SUVs saved the day… err, month, err, year?

Despite the success for several key segments, including an 11.3-percent increase for Lincoln retail sales, Ford cars sales continue falling, painting an even drearier picture than before. In fact, sales of Ford cars are down 23 percent this year compared to 2016, and over 20 percent year-to-date.


Through the first half of 2017, F-Series sales are outpacing the segment – up 8.8 percent, with 429,860 trucks sold. First-half sales reflect F-Series’ best results since the trucks’ record sales run in 2004. High-end trim Super Dutys were 55 percent of retail sales in June.

Once again, the average transaction price for Ford trucks has increased, now reaching an astonishing $3,100. That’s more than twice the segment average! According to the Blue Oval, loaded models of F-150 and Raptor helped raise this figure to record-breaking levels.


Lastly, Explorer sales increased 22.7 percent in June versus a year ago, with 21,304 SUVs sold. This marks Explorer’s best June sales performance in 12 years, with sales up 18 percent in the nation’s largest SUV market – the North East. In addition, first-half SUV sales are up 2.9 percent, with more than 400,000 vehicles sold – a new first-half record.

Ford’s long-term strategy of delivering key features like aluminum construction, fuel-efficient engines, and a wide variety of trims seems to be paying off. Not only that, but it’s absolutely crushing the competition.


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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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