Ford Truck Modifications for Higher Speed and More Torque

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Although many Ford trucks have excellent performance capabilities from the outset and right off of the dealer lot, there are nonetheless a number of different ways that many individual owners opt to work to improve their vehicle capabilities. These include a number of options to increase horsepower, overall speed, engine power, intake of fuel and more. The following are a few of the many different types of modifications that are considered to be the most effective and used the most commonly.

Number 1 — Supercharger

One of the best ways to improve the speed on your Ford truck is to install a supercharger. There are multiple types of superchargers, and the exact specifications of them differ. To determine which one will be best for your individual truck, you’ll need to consult with a mechanic or conduct additional research. Superchargers provide additional bursts of fuel and fuel burning capabilities to your engine, allowing it to run faster and more efficiently to provide you with greater power and, in return, speed.

Number 2 — Rear End Ring and Pinion Gears

The rear end ring and pinion gears in the engine on your truck serve to limit the maximum horsepower that it can achieve. This is generally considered to be a safety measure to avoid drivers from going too fast or from having too much power than is safe. However, you can legally and safely replace these items in your engine for a lower cost than it takes to update and install a supercharger. Choose a rear end ring that has a lower ratio reading than the one that you have now. For additional assistance in selecting the proper material or in installing the new ring or gears, speak with a licensed mechanic.

Number 3 — Superchip

A superchip is one of the more expensive options on this list, and it’s also nearly impossible to install on your own. Thus, you’ll have to hire a mechanic or a professional auto body specialist to open up your vehicle’s computer system and install it. However, this is perhaps the single best thing that you can do to improve the overall speed and torque on your Ford truck. The reason for this is that the superchip modifies the way in which the computer regulates the horsepower and turning of the vehicle. Typically, as in the rear end ring and pinion gears, the vehicle computer limits the total amount of power that is available to the engine. With a superchip, however, this restriction is eliminated, allowing for much better performance all around.

Number 4 — Nitrous

Nitrous is a common modification to increase the speed of a vehicle. Similar in principle to a supercharger, this modification is an add on that provides the engine with a new way of combusting fuel to allow it to be more efficient and faster.

For additional information about these or any other Ford truck modifications for higher speed and torque levels, speak with a professional in your area.

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