Great Gift Ideas Inspired By Everyone’s Favorite Truck

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Leave the novelty tie on the rack and give something cool this holiday.

The holiday season is nearly upon us. We’re here to make shopping easy if your friend or loved ones are into Ford trucks. Of course, this list could also help out Ford truck fans making their own Christmas lists, too.

We’re sure you’ve already perused the dealer-supplied parts and accessories catalog. However, although a Ford-branded baseball cap is probably a welcome gift for anybody, we’ve decided to think outside the box and scour the farthest corners of the Internet to find cool Ford-oriented gifts that will be talked about for years to come.

Ford Truck Tailgate Bench


Now, as far as Ford-related and handcrafted items go, this one is just too cool. Quicksilver Arts out of Metairie, Louisiana, sells these awesome wooden tailgate benches, made from classic Ford trucks. The rest of the bench is made just as practical and tough as a Ford truck, too, with treated wood and welded mounts. They offer lots of other cool items made from repurposed truck parts, too. Check out their Etsy store. Price: $799


Radio-Controlled Ford Truck

Tamiya Blackfoot Radio Control Ford Truck

We’re not talking about the stuff you can buy at your local big box store. These hobby-grade R/C trucks feature fully proportional control, incredible performance and speed, and a full line of upgrade and replacement parts to get you back on the road after a collision or improve your performance. In short, just like the real thing!

For those who want to get going right away, we recommend a ready-to-run Traxxas Ford Raptor. For those who would prefer to build their own, Tamiya offers several Ford truck kits, including their classic Blackfoot kit. Price $266


Truck Bed Camping Tent

For the ultimate in camping comfort, we also found this cool tent that converts the bed of a Ford truck into a cozy home away from home. It’s specifically designed to fit the bed of your Ford truck, and can even be erected without clearing out the truck bed. That means you could probably set it up in the same amount of time it takes for your air mattress to inflate. Less time setting up camping gear means more time, well, camping. Price: from $180


Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks

2017 marks 100 years of Ford trucks, and the new book Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks from Patrick Foster chronicles every one of them, from the 1917 Model TT up to the current Raptor.

It’s a large, well-researched book packed with information you never knew about the history of the truck in your driveway.

The 208-page hardback tome from Motorbooks is chock-full of fascinating facts surrounding Ford’s truck journey. And of course, Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks features over 300 stellar photos of everyone’s favorite Blue Ovaltrucks.

The comprehensive tome leaves no stone unturned and features everything from mega-popular F-150s to rare rides, including the Model A roadster pickup and the 81C.

It would make a great hardcover coffee table book, or an addition to a well-rounded automotive library. We recently spotted Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks on Amazon listed for around $10 off the retail price. Price: $45


Ford Trucks Neon Sign

There’s two kinds of car enthusiasts: people that say they want a neon sign for their garage, and people that are lying. Make someone’s wish come true with a neon Ford sign that matches their truck. It’s a unique, modern design that will have your favorite Ford truck fan’s garage glowing with the red, white, and blue pride of an American icon. Price: $330


Handheld Tuner

With something as versatile as a Ford truck, it’s hard to be certain of exactly what modifications the person you’re shopping for has in mind. However, we think that just about every Ford truck fan would be happy with more power, more torque, and better fuel economy. They’d be even happier if they could get all of that without even turning a wrench. Thankfully, American Muscle offers a large selection of handheld tuners that alter the truck’s computer software and optimize it for better performance. The installation is easy – just plug the device into the OBDII port under the dash and follow the prompts on-screen. Not only will they not have to turn a wrench, they won’t even have to leave the driver’s seat. Price: from $400


Truck Bed Air Mattress

Truck Bed Air Mattress

With so many cool knick-knacks for the house, it’s easy to forget the truck, too! However, we’ve got you covered o that front, too. The Ford F-Series represents a lot of things to a lot of different people, but the rugged appeal of Ford Trucks and the rugged appeal of the Great Outdoors go hand in hand. That’s why we suggest this custom fit air mattress, designed to fit in the bed of your loved one’s Ford Truck. Unlike standard air mattresses, this one includes indentations for the wheel wheels, allowing it to make the most of the available bed space. It also features a built-in air pump that can use the 12 volt accessory outlet in the bed of your truck. Price: from $180


Ford Truck Key & Letter Holder

Ford Truck Key & Letter Holder

We’re not done finding cool stuff for the house! The classic Ford truck shape lends itself well to all manner of housewares. This clever wall hanging resembles the tail end of a Ford F1 truck, but it serves a couple of practical uses, too. The truck bed is designed to hold mail, while the bumper contains hooks for keys. It’s a great way to keep organized and would look great next to the door. We’d get one for the office here, but understandably we would need spaces for quite a few more sets of keys! Maybe there’s a life-size, Super Duty version. Price: $22

Well, there you have it, our picks for an ideal Ford Truck gift-giving season. Which one was your favorite? Found something cool we didn’t have on the list? Let us know in our forums!

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Cam Vanderhorst is a contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and MB World. He is also a co-host of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast.

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