YouTube Stars Share Tips on Prepping Your Truck for Long Haul Towing

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New episode of Keep Your Daydream shows how the F-150 can be a powerful long-haul towing truck with a few simple, inexpensive mods.

There’s no question that the Ford F-150 has impressive towing capability. With a little fine tuning and a few upgrades, you can get even more out of your truck. And the hosts of the popular YouTube series Keep Your Daydream show just how that’s done in their latest episode.

Keep Your Daydream hosts Marc and Tricia travel extensively, and they need to take their 30 foot, 9,200 pound RV, affectionately named  “Ginger,” on the road with them. They have been traveling around with Ginger for about two years, and 40,000 miles. And, of course, it takes a mighty powerplant to keep Ginger gingerly cruising the open roadways, which, of course, is where Ford comes in.

In the latest episode of Keep Your Daydream, which is now in its fourth seasonthe hosts ready their 2013 Ford F-150 4×4 Platinum 6.2l for some major hauls. First, they give us the finest — and tiniest — hand model on YouTube showing off all the features of the ride, which is still solid at 100,000 miles.


‘We have had exceptional success with Ford over the last 100,000 miles.’


“We have had exceptional success with Ford over the last 100,000 miles,” says Marc when showing that the  F-150 is up to the task. But first the hosts walk us through some slight modifications and alterations necessary to make the tow work seamlessly.

During the first 100,000 miles, the truck has only needed oil changes, an upgraded battery, and a fuel pump fuel replacement. The major changes included adding Firestone Ride-Rite airbags, Weather Tech mats, and bike racks; changing the rear suspension, and extending the mirrors.

The video does a great job of walking the viewer through all the upgrades, and the hosts explain everything thoroughly. Also impressive is that these mods and additions are all relatively affordable.

What other changes would you make to your truck to increase towing capability? Tell us in the forums.

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