Watch a Ford Ranger Turn Into a Raptor Before Your Eyes

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Even if Ford doesn’t built a Ranger Raptor, it looks like you’ll be able to do it yourself.

At this particular point in time, it sure looks like Ford plans to build a Ranger Raptor. But even if we don’t get a factory built high-performance mid-size off roader, rest assured that the aftermarket will be there to help. Thanks to the fact that the Ranger is readily available overseas, folks are already building Raptor-fied versions of the pickup, like this blacked-out build, appropriately dubbed “The Terminator.”

The dudes over (under?) at Australia’s Auto Craze rolled a brand new Ranger crew cab into the shop, and proceeded to make it infinitely cooler. Starting with the most obvious bit – that Raptor-esque grill with built in LEDs.

Ford Ranger

You can’t just slap a grille on something and call it a day, obviously. A 2″ lift kit gave the Ranger a bit more altitude. Then, a set of fender flares, light covers, and hood “scoops” gave it a bit more attitude. And as you might imagine, a special set of rolling stock consisting of 20″ GRID GD03 wheels and Fuel off-road tires.

The result of such simple bolt-on parts is a Ranger that looks, well, like a smaller Raptor. You might scoff at the lack of performance parts, but coaxing more power out of one of these is pretty darn easy, too. Plus, the best part about the whole build is that you can order the same exact parts and do this conversion yourself.

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