Ford Plants Tomato Based Plastic in 2015 F-150

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Ford has enlisted the aid of tomato experts, Heinz, in their quest to develop a 100% plant based plastic. The report says that they’re using tomato skins specifically, but that could expand to peels, stems, seeds, and the rest of it. Nike, Coca-Cola, and Procter & Gamble are also partners along with other companies.

According to the report, they plan to use the tomato-tastic plastic in various wiring brackets and in a storage bin. Still, it’s a sign that Ford is thinking about the future.  Considering how much of an old truck gets thrown away, it’s probably a good idea that some parts do degrade over time. In the future, Ford will probably use more of this material in both their cars and trucks going forward.

Let’s just hope they don’t expand into ketchup based coolant.

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