Hump Day Jump: Watch This ’94 Ranger Get Air in these Death-Defying Jumps

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1994 Ford Ranger Jump
Forget for one second that you have any rational thought or even a remote form of common sense, and watch this insane video taken in St. Johns, Arizona. Immediately, you will see a young guy roll his 1994 Ford Ranger into view and lean out the window toward the camera. Within moments his two buddies have climbed into what appear to be lawn chairs in the bed of the Ranger. Keep watching and you’ll see some great jumps. You’d could even call them death-defying (for the passengers at least). Nonetheless, I doubt that even they, with all the whiplash I’m sure they experienced, regretted the experience. After all, not everyone who nearly gets launched from the bed of a truck and lives to tell the tale.

Though these guys may have been a bit too caught up in the moment, this video certainly makes for great entertainment. If you care to watch beyond the jumps and replays, you might just catch a glimpse of the small tribute to the mighty ’94 Ranger that was, not surprisingly, totaled. Of course, sometimes there is no better way to kill a truck.

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