Is This the Vintage Ford Truck of Your Dreams? (Video)

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Dreamy 1951 Ford F1 Pickup Checks Just About All the Boxes

There are old-school trucks, and then there are vintage, eye-candy Ford pickups. While we over hereĀ at Ford Truck Enthusiasts love our fair share of cool Broncos, jacked up ’80s F-250s and modern F-Series, there’s something about proper ’50s trucks that drive us crazy.

This red 1951 Ford F1 is hands-down one of the most stunning trucks we’ve laid our eyes on, but it surely isn’t for everyone. For starters, it’s been thoroughly restored, and it’s also a bit of a restomod. We know that for some of you that’s an abomination, but we encourage you to give this truck a chance, as the work performed is truly flawless.

The folks at Vanguard Motor Sales from Plymouth, Michigan, carry some of the best muscle and classic cars and trucks in the country. We know it because we watch all of their YouTube videos, and not because they’re pay us to say so. (They don’t.) Of course this lovely pickup isn’t the exception, as their in-depth video below explains.


According to the ad, over $40 grand was spent on the restoration, but it still features some of its old-school charm like the original frame, brake setup, and the lack of ac and heater. Of course, theĀ Mustang II front-end with adjustable coil overs, modern sound system, and a Windsor 351 V8 motor make up for any inconveniences.

What do you say, is it worth the $49,900 price tag?

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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