SPOTTED: The Ford-Powered Big Banana Car!

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It Turns out That If You Want to Drive a Tough and Reliable Banana, You Start With a Ford Truck!

Okay, folks, I’m not really sure what you expect us to say here. After all, we were just as shocked as you probably are now when we saw this thing drive past our offices in L.A. What was first at “What the hell is that?” quickly turned into a thorough internet investigation.

It turns out “The Big Banana Car” is a real thing. It was created by the wild imaginations of the Mutant Brothers Art Car Fabricators, and it’s not the kind of ride you expect to see on your daily commute. Based on the underpinnings of the 1993 Ford F-150 you see pictured above, the banana car is fully functional and 100 percent street legal. Heck, according to their website, the potassium-rich ride rocks a stock 4×4 system!

If you’re wondering how the Mutant Brothers got their inspiration for this build, wonder no more!

“It had long been the desire of Steve Braithwaite, a native of England now living in America, to be the most ridiculous man in the world. Having a goofy pompadour haircut for many years was simply not enough and so he had to think big. ‘What sort of car would the most ridiculous man in the world drive’ he asked himself one day ‘I know, a banana car, he answered.'”


We’re not exactly sure how to earn the incredible privilege of riding in the banana car, but judging by the photos, it must be possible. Personally, we think it’d make a great vehicle for an off-road excursion. Okay, maybe it’s not great, but it’d be awesome to see it put its 4×4 to good use!

If for some weird reason you feel the urge to inquire about a ride, you can contact them here.

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